Health & Safety

Our schools contain many health and safety features to ensure a secure learning environment for the children in our care. Since all of our buildings are designed from the ground up we have been able to design the environment with the use of children in mind. These features include:

  • Door hinge guards preventing small fingers from being pinched in the hinged end of doors and the doors are custom made with rounded edges to prevent injuries.

  • Entrances have a key pad that requires a parent and staff code to enter the building. These codes are changed often to ensure security.

  • Once in our building, parents check children in and out using our digital check-in station which uses a fingerprint scanner.

  • Playgrounds are securely fenced and designed with safe zones and healthy play environments including separate age appropriate spaces and equipment.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing our equipment, classrooms and facilities are a paramount value of Kids ‘N Us.  Our high expectations for cleanliness are cutting edge in the industry.

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