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K-5 Day Camp!

June 19th - September 2nd

We have designed our Summerpalooza program to ensure the children stay interested and continually challenged. Our K-5 day camp offers age-appropriate, adventurous, and educational field trips on and off-site. Just because it's Summer, doesn't mean the learning should end! 

Week One - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’re kicking off summer camp by celebrating mother nature! In our first week, students will learn how to protect our earth through reducing, reusing, and recycling everyday items. We will be making crafts out of recycled household items, as well as learning how to conserve water and electricity.

Week Two - Art is SMart

Let your imagination and creativity soar while we visit the work of famous artists from around the world and practice their techniques. We will create masterpieces from paint to clay, and even painting rocks to hide for the community. Get ready to unleash your inner artist!

Week Three - Hooray for the USA

Who's ready for a party in the USA? Let your American spirit shine this week as we celebrate the great US of A! BBQs in the park, games outside with your friends? We can't wait!

Week Four - Space Station Vacation

Get ready for an amazing exploration of space! Students will embark on an imaginative journey to the moon and back as we learn more about the Milky Way. We’ll learn about astronauts, and even make outta-this-world snacks to tame the Martians we‘ll meet along the way!

Week Five - Look What's Cookin'

Do you think you’re the next top chef? Students this week will practice a variety of kitchen skills while creating healthy and delicious concoctions. We’ll practice kitchen safety and learn how to follow recipes all while creating healthy eating habits. Throughout the week we will experience different foods and customs from around the world and of course, eat some tasty treats along the way.

Week Six - KNU Carnival Extravaganza

Come one, come all! Who’s ready for a carnival extravaganza? With teamwork and imagination, students will plan a carnival for the whole school to enjoy! 

Week Seven - Myth Busting Mad Science

Discover the wonders of science with hands-on experiments and observations. This week will be chock-full of science experiments and testing our wacky ideas! We'll make slime, volcanos, oobleck, and loads of other hands-on ooey-gooey stuff. Lab coats, goggles, and getting messy is a must during our week of hair raising and theory testing excitement.

Week Eight - Superhero Week

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a Super Hero? Look no further. this week we will be learning about our everyday SUPER-HEROS; our community helpers! We’ll visit our local police department, fire station, and other helpers who make an impact in our community every day. We will be making cards of appreciation as well as looking for opportunities to give back to our community through volunteer work. And yes, you’ll even get to dress up as your favorite Super Hero one day this week!

Week Nine - Ready Set Hike

Get ready to rough it in the great pacific northwest. We will go on day hikes, nature walks, and explore the forest to search for wildlife and learn more about habitats and the ecosystem. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes and be prepared to share your best camping stories. Who knows? We might even find a fishing pole!

Week Ten - Under the Sea

Arrrr you ready for a great week? Our Pirates and Mermaids will put their skills to the test this week as we learn how to use a compass and read a map looking for buried treasure. We will be learning about the ocean, Puget Sound, and the vast beaches that are perfect for seashell searching and sea life observing.  Each day our little pirates and mermaids will be sailing off to a new adventure!

Week Eleven - Gameshow Mania

Our goal this week is to test your skills in cooperation, team building, and determination as we outwit obstacle courses, partake in food challenges and take our chances with minute to win it games. Bring your favorite board game to share with the class and sign up to bring your favorite food for our end of the summer classroom party.  

Visit our locations page to find a Kids N Us School near you!

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