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Kids N Us is sponsored by the USDA Food Program. All meals are provided and prepared on-site by a full-time Chef.

Meals and snacks are age-appropriate as well as being fun & nutritious. All meals are served in a family-style setting where Teachers and children all sit down to enjoy the meal. Our goal is to develop good eating habits as well as to reinforce good table manners, all in an enjoyable and consistent format. Our menus are carefully considered to provide your child with delicious and nutritious food.

Here’s an example of some of the healthy and delicious meals and snacks that your child can enjoy during the day. For this week’s actual menu, please contact your school.


Oatmeal with

Bananas & Blueberries


Carrot Sticks &

Greek Yogurt Ranch


Orange Slices & Whole Grain Crackers


Whole Grain Pizza

& Cucumber Salad

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