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How to Prep your Kids for Daylight Saving Time

On Sunday, November 6th at exactly 2 a.m. Daylight Saving Time will officially come to an end. Take time to prepare yourself for brighter mornings, and darker evenings.

Adults tend to do okay with this change, but younger children can have a harder time adjusting. With the right steps and preparation, this transition can be a little less painful for both you and your child. Here are some ways you can help.

Push their bedtime back

Leading up to Daylight Saving Time slowly change their bedtime. Starting at the beginning of the week push their bedtime back by 15 minutes or longer. Gradually adjusting your child's bedtime and internal clock can help minimize the abruptness of the change.

Prepare for those sunny mornings

One of the perks of Daylight Saving Time is a brighter morning. Prepare yourself for the light that will stream through your windows much earlier than before. To help keep the sun out of your little ones eyes make sure their windows have black out curtains or light blockers installed.

Adjust nap time and meals

Try to push everything back a little later this week. Similar to their sleeping cycles, children fall into routines with meals and their naps as well. The idea is to gradually push the whole day back, so that they're adjusted when the time change does kick in.

We hope these tips will help!

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