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Literacy First™ April Parent Ideas

Happy April!

This month we are going to be doing some exciting activities at school, and we want you to be a part of the fun! This month’s theme is NATURE, so your child will be hearing new stories about nature, animals, plants, habitats, living things, helping the earth, growing seeds, and more. Through a variety of classroom activities, your child will learn about respecting the earth and its resources, such as animals, plants, trees, and water, the difference between living and non-living things, and more about nature.

You can extend the learning at home with a few simple and fun activities. Check out these PARENT IDEAS for some ways you can engage with your child at home. Make it fun!

  • Recycle: Start a simple recycling plan at home. Have children save glass, paper, and metal cans. Teach them how to fix items that are broken to avoid throwing it away, or reuse items like boxes or bottles to make crafts or games. Empty water bottles make great bowling pins, socks with holes might become puppets, or cereal boxes can store books in the car. Get creative about recycling and reusing.

  • Plant: Involve your child in planting flowers, plants, or trees – inside or out. Grass seeds and wildflowers are easy to grow and sprout quickly. Plant in containers, empty potatoes, or cardboard that can be buried.

  • Nature Walk: Take a nature walk with your child. Use the senses to explore your surroundings. What do you see? Hear? Smell? Touch? Do you see any animals or birds? What is the weather like today? Is the sun shining? What is the temperature? Do you feel the wind? Talk about what you observe. Collect nature samples like rocks or sticks as you walk.

  • Fresh Air: Get some fresh air – take any activity outside. Read books on the front porch, exercise in the yard, or use play dough outside for less mess. Remind children that fresh air (even in cold weather), is good for the body.

  • Nature Safety and Respect: Remind children to respect nature and the animals that live outside. Ask them to leave trees, flowers, and animal homes where they are. Never tease or hurt animals. Walk on sidewalks rather than grass. Stay with an adult near woodlands or water.

  • Fairy Garden/Gnome Home: Create a special nature house with your child. Add small toys or action figures who might live there. Embellish your scene with pebbles, sticks, acorns, dried leaves, or other safe nature items that you find.

More books about Nature:

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