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Staying Healthy this Flu Season

The flu this year has been no stranger to Washington State. Everyone, everywhere is sick. While we usually reach "epidemic flu levels" this time every year, Snohomish County Health Officials are saying that this January has been considerably worse than years prior.

The flu this year is no joke, and if you're anything like us then you dread the idea of your child getting sick. It's bad enough if you catch the flu, but it's even worse if they do.

Keep yourself and your family healthy this cold and flu season with these practical tips.

1.) Wash your hands. Like a lot.

This one should be a dead giveaway. Cold and flu viruses are not airborne, they're spread by direct contact. Your hands, and fingers especially are home to some serious bacteria. Slow down the spread of germs by washing your hands often with warm water and soap. Remind children to wash their hands before each meal, after they use the restroom, and after they visit a public place. For times you can't reach a sink make sure to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy.

2.) Avoid close contact with those who are sick.

This one speaks for itself. You're more likely to contract the flu if you come in close contact with someone who has it. If you become ill, keep your distance from others to prevent them from getting sick too.

3.) Take care of yourself.

Staying healthy is key to a good immune system. Drink lots of water, make sure you're getting enough sleep, and eat a balanced diet. Keeping your body and immune system strong will help fend off influenza.

4.) Create a sick room.

In the off chance that someone in your family does get sick, keep them confined to one room in the house. Think of all the surfaces you normally touch in a day, with free reign of the house it'll be impossible for someone who's sick to stop the spread of germs. By keeping someone confined to a sick room you minimize the risk of spreading the virus to others. Select one person to take care of the sick one, and stock the room with everything they might need.

Stay healthy, friends!

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