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2017 Kids 'N Us MDA Hop-A-Thon

Let's hop for a cause! On April 17th, 2017 Kids 'N Us will be participating in the MDA Hop-A-Thon! Help our students raise money for neuromuscular disease research and services like MDA summer camp for kids. Our goal is to send a child to summer camp this year!

The MDA Hop-A-Thon is a disability awareness, acceptance and education program that teaches children three core values of awareness, acceptance and assistance. Learn the three A's: Awareness, Acceptance and Assistance to others!

Throughout the week, Kids 'N Us students will be learning about disabilities. The theme for the MDA Hop-A-Thon this year is, "Everyone is different. Nobody is perfect."

The money that our students will raise will directly benefit visits to the MDA Care Centers at the Seattle Children's Hospital, and the University of Washington. The money raised will also go toward flu shots, MDA summer camps, and lifesaving research! Help us send a child to summer camp this year!

Will you make a pledge? Help us, help others! For more information on how you can become involved speak with your child's teacher.

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