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Literacy First™ November Parent Ideas


This month we are going to be doing some exciting activities at school, and we want you to be a part of the fun! This month’s theme is TIME, SEASONS, DAYS OF THE WEEK, and of course, THANKSGIVING, so your child will be hearing new stories about times of day, times of year, fall, nature, holidays, traditions, and more. Through a variety of classroom activities, your child will learn how to cooperate, share, realize what he or she is thankful, and other important social skills.

You can extend the learning at home with a few simple and fun activities. Check out the PARENT IDEAS for some ways you can engage with your child at home. Make it fun!

  • Decorate: Have children help make centerpieces or place cards for Thanksgiving dinner. Offer them Thanksgiving stickers, markers and crayons. Help them write guests’ names on the cards. Have children make a centerpiece with ribbons, flowers, pumpkin, gourds, and so on.

  • Table Manners: Use Thanksgiving Day to show children how to place their napkin in their lap, pass food, say, “please” and “thank you”, and participate in table conversations. Remind children to keep their mouths closed while chewing and stay at the table until excused.

  • Cornucopia: Take your child to the grocery store or a farmers market and observe/purchase a variety of fall fruits and vegetables – squash, apples, corn, pumpkins, etc. Talk about the colors, sizes, and shapes. Use these items to make a decorative centerpiece for your table.

  • Thanksgiving Movies: Show classics like Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving, or Alvin and the Chipmunks - Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration, or Garfield’s Holiday Celebration.

  • Turkey Craft: Build your own turkeys with play dough, googly eyes, and craft feathers.

  • Thankful Box: Begin the month of November by decorating a special Thankful Box. Offer sticky notes and when children think of something they feel thankful for, help them write or draw it on a note and stick it in the box. Collect them all month long and review them at Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Spreading Good Cheer: Help feed the poor at a shelter’s Thanksgiving dinner service. Have children help collect canned food to donate or have them make cards for lonely neighbors.

  • Turkey Trot: Start your own turkey race tradition in your neighborhood. Have participants donate a can for the poor. Set up a race around the block or down the street. Give out ribbons, apple cider and popcorn. Encourage neighbors to give thanks and celebrate together.

Read these other books about time, seasons, days, or Thanksgiving:

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